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Patented and on the market for many years. Construction is single-wall ABS sheet panels, cut to size and fabricated using ABS extrusions and injection molded components. Extruded valence, male and female.
SpaceCase II
Recommended for more robust applications and increased weight handling. Construction is double wall panels; .125 ABS face sheet EPS foam core and a .062 interior liner sheet, bonded into a light weight, stiff container construction. The finished panel is .85 inches thick; the composite panels are capped, both lid and base, with interlocking male/female extrusions. The female extrusion is designed to accommodate an “O” ring, which is an option.
The superior alternative to wooden boxes and cases. The heavy wall, .187 thick ABS sheet are CNC cut and then assembled without a valance. The edges are smooth cut and fit precisely, much the same as a high quality wooden gage box. Melmat Cases have a distinct appearance and offer protection superior to wooden boxes and wooden cases. The cases are often supplied with custom foam (cushion) liners. Cases up to 80 inches long can be produced with depths as shallow as 2 inches. Melmat Cases and all SpaceCases are available with custom graphics.
The MelmatCase The MelmatCase

Custom Cases to any size and shape...
... without custom costs!

The patented SpaceCase™ fabrication and design concept makes attractive, high impact ABS cases, available at reasonable prices.
Melmat, Inc. will make a custom SpaceCase™ just the size you want, with the configuration best suited to your application.  Cushion interiors are available in any die-cut shape you need.

Below are a couple of examples of some custom cases we built for a major global supplier of diesel engines.  These custom SpaceCases are used to secure engine parts required as "masters" that are used during the production process.

The standard SpaceCase™ comes in black with other colors available. On the lower right is a case with convoluted cushioning. A case fitted with this cushioning allows for safe storage of almost any object.



The Patented Design and Fabrication Concept Makes Custom Cases Affordable

The unique SpaceCase™ design and construction method now makes it practical to give you the exact size cointainer needed for shipping, storage or other protection uses without the usual compromises of the "closest" standard model.
  • Attractive/High Quality
  • Light and Rugged
  • Complete size versatility
Our SpaceCase™ line of custom equipment cases are for protection and transportation of precision instruments and equipment of all varieties. The patented SpaceCases™ are suitable for limited quantities of special cases, custom designed to meet the specific requirements at surprisingly low costs and lead times. Made from ABS plastic, these cases are light weight yet resistant to impact. Special interiors and cushioning are available. The unique design and construction method now makes it practical to produce the exact size container needed for shipping, storage or other "hard case" protection uses. They are attractive, light and rugged, with complete size versatility. For large quantities, molded SpaceCases™, with unique design features are available.

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