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Melmat, Inc. Sells Custom and Standard Cases to Fit Any Requirement!

Waterproof protector carrying and shipping cases are unbreakable, watertight to a depth of 30 feet, airtight, dustproof, corrosion proof with a lifetime guarantee of excellence. These cases are highly resistant to chemical attack, and are built to perform in the most severe conditions. Used by the US Military, Police and Fire Departments, Search and Rescue, and US Navy Seal Teams Worldwide.

Available in both custom and standard configurations.
Available with convoluted or die-cut cushioning.
Custom Fabricated
Crates constructed using metal-edges with fiberglass over plywood.
Carrying Cases Heavy-Duty Carrying Cases work well for sensitive instruments.   ATA Molded Shipping / Transit
Cases are avialable Special Order, Stock and Heavy Duty.
Wheeled Cases also come in waterproof.
Available with convoluted or die-cut cushioning.
Low Cost/ Utility/ Tool Boxes
Molded plastic boxes in convenient impact resistant shapes and sizes.
Blow Molded
Economical Medium to Light Duty Carrying Cases for gear storage.

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